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Ensuring the Best Care for Moms and Babies

Ensuring the Best Care for Moms and Babies

    Ensuring the Best Care for Moms and Babies

    Ensuring the Best Care for Moms and Babies

     Here at Woodland Hills, we provide care to moms who are healthy and expecting their uneventful first or second child to moms who come in with challenges throughout their pregnancy or having some additional medical conditions.

    If we as nurses are afraid to talk to the doctors, then we're not communicating key pieces to their care,
    so that is very important to patient safety.
    Twice a day, we do have board reports. It's the charge nurse, the physicians, the midwives and the nurses.

    It really gives us a chance to go through the patients in depth and it ensures that whatever information that team that's leaving is relayed to the new team. There's no one person that leads it. Everybody has a voice. We have something called the morning huddle. It includes the ward clerks, the scrub techs,
    the charge nurses and the oncoming staff.

    And then it includes the outgoing charge nurse.
    We do safety checks.
    We make sure that the I.D.
    band is correct, the patient care plan is correct.
    We check all the I.V. lines.
    We do it at the bedside so the patient can chime in if there's anything that they want to add. The Getting to Know You cards are basically an ice breaker for the patient and the nurse.
    It provides information such as if they have children at home, and it just provides a conversation piece for the nurse and the patient.

    The Care Board is basically a snapshot of the patient's care team for the day. Nurses have a great input in what information they feel pertinent to be on that board.
    It's very important for the patient to know what's going on in her care so that she can give her input.

    Our relationship with our physicians is very unique. We can talk to them very easily, and we can give them our opinions.

    They're very open to hear us.
    The nursing team here is amazing.
    They really care about the patients and that really shows.
    The way that the nurses and the physicians and the midwives
    all work together, really provides the best care we can.

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